1-844-GET MSCS (438-6727)

This document outlines the responsibilities from a support prospective as well as a service level agreement for both MySecureCloudServer and our Customers.

Cloud Hosted Servers

MySecureCloudServer (MSCS):

  • Network connectivity
  • Power for the servers
  • Hardware failures/repair
  • Maintain Control Panel Availability
  • Initial MSCS server deployment


  • Security
  • System administration
  • Maintenance
  • Any other responsibilities not listed above in the MSCS list of responsibilities.

Work Requests Out of Responsibilities Scope
All work requests that are not covered under the responsibilities above will be considered for billable support upon submission via our web form or your account team. Rates vary depending on the scope of the request.

Service Availability
Our target availability for our physical servers is 99.99%. Target availability time is calculated on a monthly basis and is impacted by Power and Network availability to our physical servers only, excluding hardware failures.

Upon failure of meeting our availability standards as outlined above, customers will be credited 10% of their monthly costs for that specific service for that specific month that the outage took place for every 0.5% that availability falls below the standard, to a maximum of 50% of that particular services monthly fee to the customer.

Outage time is calculated from the time of the initial customer ticket to the time when power and or network availability have been restored to our physical servers.

Submission of Ticket Response Times

Emergency Support:
Emergency support tickets are targeted for a 2-hour call back time.

All Other Support Tickets:
All other support tickets are targeted to receive a response within 24 business hours of the initial ticket being opened.

Operational Support
Phone & Email Ticket support daily from 8am–5pm EST. Emergency Support 24/7 (Phone or Email) Call 1-844-GETMSCS (438-6727).  Dial 2 for Support, 3 for Emergency.